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We were pleased this research received favorable press from the American Physical Society, New Scientist, and Optics and Photonics News

Bezryadina, A., Lamstein, J., Preece, D., Chen, J. C., and Chen, Z. Tug-of-War Optical Tweezers to Control Cell Clusters. Optics in the Life Sciences Congress, OSA (Aug 2017), OtM4E.5.

Lamstein, J., Bezryadina, A., Preece D., Chen, J. C., and Chen, Z. Optical tug-of-war tweezers: shaping light for dynamic control of bacterial cells (Invited Paper). Chin. Opt. Lett. 15 (2017), 030010.

Lamstein, J., Gautam, R., Hansson, T., Bezryadina, A., Wetzel, B., Morandotti, R., and Chen, Z. Deep penetration of light through suspensions of red blood cells. CLEO, OSA (May 2017), FM4F.2.

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